About LapTrackerPro

LapTrackerPro specialise in providing high quality sports timing and event management services across the UK. We have experience of a wide variety of mass participation events ranging from 10k Running Events, Marathons, Triathlons, Enduro, Arena and Cycling Events. All where accurate times, comprehensive data and fast results are a required. These are displayed live at the events and are also available online using a wide array of media solutions.

We have a highly skilled and motivated team of staff providing market leading sports timing services to all major sporting events.

We specialise in Sports Timing and Event Management. It's our lifestyle and we strive to offer the most up to date sports timing technologies available.

Our timing solutions are in use every weekend. Timing many of the major races around the UK so you can be assured that we are using tried and tested hardware and software. This is backed up by our timing specialists providing a first class service.

We provide the most advanced timing solutions at the most competitive prices to a wide range of sporting events, covering all areas of the UK.

We look forward to working with you!!