Our Partners

At LapTrackerPro we are proud to work with the providers of first class products and components.



LapTrackerPro utilises Impinj Speedway Revolution RFID readers to deliver the performance, quality and reliability required for the most demanding of applications.


Times 7

Times 7 RFID antennas are at the heart of the LapTrackerPro RFID functionality. Their slimline yet rugged design make them ideal for use in all kinds of extreme conditions.



When it comes to delivering real-time results and statistics to your competitors and spectators via out on-site Wi-Fi network, then the performance and reliability of Deliberant Wireless Access Points is crucial.


Human Tagging

Using the right kind of tag is vital to the success of any RFID application.  The rugged, durable and compact design of tags supplied by Human Tagging, along with their excellent performance characteristics make them an ideal fit for use with LapTrackerPro.